Recording sessions at my studio

Artists can now request to hire my studio to record their music.

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What is the recording set-up at Kark Studio?

The studio is primarily set up for single instrument tracking. A live studio session is also possible – it depends on the size of the band and the required set-up. 16 channels available for multitrack recording.

What about studio engineer assistance?

I offer tracking for guitar, bass, vocals, live drums, and pretty much any other instrument that fits through the studio door!

How long can the studio be used each day of a booked session?

The studio and my services as sound engineer are available for up to 8 hours per day. Set-up time may need to be in addition to this.

What equipment is available to hire?

Where is Kark Studio located?


The studio is located in Ikornnes, Sykkylven in the west of Norway, surrounded by extremely beautiful nature that gives the whole experience something that you will not find anywhere else!

In addition to just the recording session, I can offer you guided tours of the local area, and assist you further if you are a serious mountaineer. You can order this book, which describes our 56 mountaintops and their 134 alternate routes. This is of course mostly relevant for summer, but in the winter, you can go skiing as much as your heart's desire – Cross-country, Slalom, and RandonnĂ©e. There are other private areas for such trips, or you can choose from these commercially available places.

The nearest international airport is Ă…lesund. I can pick the band up at the airport, with a car suited for transporting gear.

Is there any accommodation nearby?

Local overnight accommodation:

Please note:

I reserve the right to say flat out "no" to working with you if I feel you will waste my or both of our time.

I also have no patience for being a babysitter and cleaning up your spilled beer and vomit, nor will I give you a Travolta-style needle in the heart if you prioritize drugs over your art. I will treat you as seriously as you treat yourself!

Got any questions?

I'll be happy to answer any queries you've got about hiring my studio.

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