Re-amping is an artform it itself, which is largely misunderstood.

The usual scenario is that a guitarist just wants something like a bottom-heavy dual rectifier sound, while completely ignoring the sounds in the rest of the mix. A guitar tone has to FIT INTO THE BIG PICTURE, so how the fuck can one do that without even having heard what the rest of the instruments sound like?

Simply put: it would be idiotic to simply re-amp a dry guitar track without making sure the sound actually fits within the context of your mix, so I will require that you send me the core tracks of your mix, so that I can create a mix-ready sound for you.

I do have some great vintage Mesa Boogie and peavey amps and a powered kemper, but that should be secondary. Dont blind yourself with a brand. Tell me what sound you want, and I will sculpt it for you, with the best intention for the sound in mind. Don't fool yourself by being convinced that only a certain amp will get you there!

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